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Geography of Slovakia

Slovakia is located in central Europe. The length of Slovakia (W-E) is 428 km, the breadth of the country (N-S) is 195 km. Relatively large differences in elevation are characteristic of Slovakia.(min./max.: 95 m Bodrog - 2656 m Gerlach). Northern Slovakia and the central part of the country is more mountainous; the Carpathian bow extends across these regions. The south and east parts of the country are plane, important agricultural areas in Slovakia.

Depending on your mind and the season you visit the Slovak mountains you can choose walking, hiking, skiing of rock climbing between wonderful hills (Chopok, Kriván, Lomnický stít, The Strázovské Peaks, The Tatra peaks, Vrch Sivec), valleys (Bocianska Valley, Kvacianska Valley, Rohácska Valley, Zádielska Valley, Zelené pleso Valley) and canyons (Lacnovská Gorge, The gorges in Vrátna Valley, The Manínska Gorge). At www.hzs.sk you can find information over rescue services, mountain weather forecasts, maintenance of the trails and trail marking.

National Parks of Slovakia
The High Tatras (TANAP) National Park
The Malá Fatra National Park
The Pieniny ( PIENAP )National Park
The Slovak Paradise National Park
The Vežká Fatra National Park
The Low Tatras National Park ( NAPANT )
The Muránska planina National Park
The Poloniny National Park
The Slovenský kras (Slovak Karst) National Park

The most important river in Slovakia is the Danube (172 km in Slovakia), which connects the capital Bratislava with two other metropolises Vienna and Budapest. Major Slovak rivers, besides the Danube, are the Váh (403 km) and the Hron (298km).

Lakes and reservoirs (Liptovská Mara water reservoir, Ruzín lake, Sĺnava lake, Vežká Domasa, Zlaté piesky lake, Orava Dam (Oravská priehrada), Ruziná Dam, Slnecné jazerá (the Sun Lakes), Zemplínska Sírava Water Reservoir ) together with the 250 waterfalls and cascades in Slovakia offer excellent possibilities for water sports as well.

There are two geysers in Slovakia,one is a European rarity - a cold mineralised geyser in Heržany. (HERźANY GEYSER, SIVÁ BRADA GEYSER )

There are many caves in Slovakia open to the general public too. The oldest ice cave in Europe is Dobsinska ladova jaskyna.

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